Kinjo Takashi Kaicho

Kinjo Takashi Kaicho learned Okinawa Kobudo from Matayoshi Shinpo Hanshi, the recently-deceased president of the Zen Okinawa Kobudo Renmei. He is now the President of the Okinawa Budo Kokusai Renmei and the Okinawa Kobukai. He is famous for his iyeku kata and is second to none in performance. He is Juudan in Pang Gai Noon Ryu Karate Do and a highly respected practitioner and teacher of karate-do in Okinawa. His teacher of Pang Gai Noon Ryu was Itokazu Seiki Sensei, who was a direct student of Uechi Kanei Sensei and Uechi Kanbun Sensei. He travels to the United States periodically to the Pang Gai Noon Ryu Headquarters Dojo in Citrus Heights, California.