Not the weapon that Bruce Lee used for swivelling, but a practical weapon for chokes, take-downs, blocks and excellent reach for striking. As all other okinawan weaponry, the origin of this weapon is obscure. Some say it has a Chinese origin, others say it was developed from a horsebit, but it seems like it was used by peasant to beat rice. It probably came into action somewhere in the 16th century, like sai, tonfa, etc. The nunchaku is made out of 2 sticks, usually some hard wood, and connected with a rope (it used to be a horsetailhair) or a chain. As the sticky vary in length, size and weight, so does the length of the connection between the two sticks. The nunchaku stick is normally as long as the forearm but it is up to your personnal favor to make it as long as you want.

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