There are 10 levels before you become a Black Belt (called “Dan”), they are called Kyu(級). They start from 10th Kyu, then 9th Kyu, 8th Kyu and so on. After you get to the Black Belt level, these ranks are called “Dan” and start with 1st degree Black Belt (Sho-dan) then 2nd degree Black Belt (Ni-dan). There are 10 levels of Black Belt. After you get 2nd degree Black Belt, you are allowed to apply for “Shi-dou-in”, which is a certified Iai-dou instructor so you can promote your students or the other practitioners as well.

How to get started:
  • Step 1
    Register your name (the fee is only USD $15.00 for a life-time member).
  • Step 2
    Click to the kyu you want to learn if :
    • This is the first time for you to learn through our organization(Toei- ryu Iai/Bat-tou Association), click on 10th (USD $ 25.00)
    • You have some kyu(s)with our organization previously, then choose next kyu toward your goal, Black Belt.
      Note: You have one year to finish one kyu level before it expires.
  • Step 3
    After your payments accepted, you are able to download the kyu requirements and application of the kyu you choose to pass the kyu of the kyu you have chosen.
  • Step 4
    Purchase or make kyu own Iai-dou weapons(s) in accordance with the kyu requirements. (check your local Martial Arts Supply store or internet or you can purchase through us).
  • Step 5
    Practice. Make your own practice schedules so you can practice regularly.
  • Step 6
    When you think you are ready for a next level, you fill the test application with payment of USD $35.00. ( this fee will cover to review your DVD time: 15 minutes maximum). Please upload your test video to your youtube account and send a link to it through our web-site. Once Shihan Nishiuchi receives the link, you will get an acknowledgement from Shihan Nishiuchi that your video is being reviewed. When recording yourself, please keep the length of the video to less than 15 minutes while also ensuring detailed movements when executing techniques.
  • Step 7
    After your received the approved and passed the kyu you have applied then go to the next kyu level.

Good luck and keep enjoying the practice of Samurai sword !