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Ossu! It has been a while since we have updated our newsletter. This lesson, we will discuss the meaning of Ossu! I hope you enjoy. Ossu!
Welcome! This is the November 2012 IOKA and Iaido Newsletter. This month I talk about the meaning of "Kobudo" and share with you simple steps to improve your martial arts training. I hope you enjoy, Ossu!
To succeed in Kobudo, Iaido and all other martial arts, follow these simple steps:
  • Watch – Learning something new is always difficult, so to get started, simply view the movements first as a whole.
  • Copy – After viewing the movements, imitate them. Try not to be overly critical of the movement(s) just yet.
  • Review – At this point, pay close attention to the movement(s) performed and think areas where mistakes are being made when attempting to replicate. Now is the time to be meticulous.
  • Be Natural – Once the movement has been duplicated perfectly, make it natural. Be relaxed and loose. Try not to be stiff when executing the movement(s). Do not think about the step(s) in the movement(s)—the mind should be clear.
  • Visualize Practice Applications For Each Movement – Just as it sounds, visualize. Interpret what each movement means and how they can be applied in different environments and scenarios.
  • Visualize Alternative Situations Where The Movement(s) Can Be Applied – Expand on the knowledge developed in the previous step by visualizing what initiates and then follows the movement.
  • Practice – And of course, practice.
I hope this list helps not only in your path in Kobudo and Iaido, but in any challenge you come across in everyday life.
Shihan Nishiuchi