• How To Make A Zoom Schedule

    Look up an available time and day.
  • How To Pay

    Please send Zoom payments (see prices below) to Shihan Nishiuchi via PayPal.
  • How To Prepare For A Lesson

    Notify Shihan Nishiuchi what you would like to learn. Ensure you have Zoom installed on your laptop, desktop, phone, tablet, or device that supports Zoom. Ensure you have enough space. Please warm-up prior to the lesson.
  • How Much?

    First register on our website for $15 US.
    • 30 minutes with Shihan Nishiuchi $75 US
    • 5 lessons = $350 US ($70 per lesson)
    • 10 lessons = $600 US ($60 per lesson)
    • Group lessons (up to three people) = $150 US